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We’re excited to have you visit! The map below shows how to get to Wendego Lodge from the start of Bachelor Heights Road in Kamloops. Click on the waypoints in the map below for ‘turn by turn’ instructions.

It is important to remember to call us as soon as you hit the dirt road so we know when to expect you!

In Depth Directions:

Directions from Kamloops: Using the Sawmill/Lac Du Bois Road.

Approaching Kamloops on Hwy #1 (Hwy #5 merges into Hwy #1)

Take Exit 374 onto Hwy #5 North.

Take a left at Halston Ave (there is a Husky gas station on the corner of this intersection).

Follow Halston Ave over the North Thompson River on the Halston Bridge.

Take a right at the Westsyde Rd Exit (it banks quickly to the right, before an overpass).

Immediately cross Westsyde Rd towards the left lane.

Stay to the left at the “Y” in the road which will bring you to a two-lane stoplight.

Go through stoplight and follow the Batchelor Hill Road into Bachelor Heights.

Keep driving until you drive over a cattleguard,  then the raod becomes gravel.


Use care and enjoy the drive.

You will see kilometer markers on your journey up the road.

Be careful of the turn at 13 km; do 30 km/hr when it says so.

When you get to the  “Y”  at 21 km, stay to your left:  there is a yellow sign there pointing the way to the lodge.

Follow the road to the 40 km marker where you will take a right onto a private road.

Follow this road for 9 km (6 miles) until it ends at Wendego Lodge on Tranquille Lake.

Directions From Kamloops: Using the Criss Creek/Red Lake Road.

Approaching Kamloops on Hwy #1, take Exit #369.

At second set of lights after the exit, turn left onto Summit Drive.

Follow the signs to the Airport.

Go past the Airport approximately 3 to 4 miles.

Take the Criss Creek/Red Lake Road to the right. (We have a sign at this corner)

Follow this road for 21 miles (33.5 km) and you will come to our Wendego Lodge sign.

Turn right at this sign, and follow the main road to the Lodge.

You will come to an intersection.  Keep coming straight.  (We have a lg. sign here (6 mi. to Lodge.)

Take your time on the last 3 miles.

*Please be sure to call Wendego Lodge from Kamloops (403)-987-0423* to let us know you are on the road,  we can give you updates about the road conditions and traffic leaving the lodge.  We are looking forward to welcoming you!